Free Unrestricted Freebike Usage for NHS Staff and Key Workers in London
We are commited to serving our healthcare and other Key Workers as they work around the clock keeping us safe and healthy throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 
For Key Workers, being able to safely and hygienically get to and from their homes is of the utmost importance. Therefore, Freebike is designating a fleet of over 100 electric assist Freebikes for London's NHS and Key Workers to share.
If you are a Key Worker in London, email us at and we will arrange to frant you unrestricted free access to our 'Key Worker' Freebikes, allowing you to travel to and from your work and home even if it falls outside of our existing Central London operating area. You will have access to our bikes through the Freebike app, and we will send you login credentials to login.
Where possible, please email us from your offical work email address with the following information - it helps us continue to distribute bikes to where they are most needed.





Work Email:


Mobile Number:


Work Address:


Home Address (First half of Postcode is fine)



Funding our Key Worker Bikes

As a small British privately-owned start-up company, without the luxury of Silicon Valley Billions, we need help covering external running costs such as fuel and insurance as well as costs of mechanics, and our service team to continue to offer the service to our Key Workers for free.

The more donations we get the more bikes we can get out to NHS and other Key Workers for longer. To be clear, Freebike will not profit from this, and will plough all donations  back into providing bikes and service for our Key Workers.

To learn more about our fundraising efforts, or to donate, head to


Are you a Business who wants to contribute?

Starting now, we will be offering a 'Donate 2, get 1 Free' incentive.

if you donate £500 or more, we will provide your business with 1 Freebike for exclusive use by you and your staff for a month, complete with onboarding, maintenance, and battery changing, as well as your corporate branding on the bike (ordinarily worth £260 per month)*.

It is a great way to help you community and give your employees an added benefit.





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